Are you not seeing the results in the gym you feel like you should?

Are you struggling with inflammation?

Is it difficult for you to maintain a healthy diet?

Do you feel like you are eating all the ‘RIGHT’ but not seeing results?

The Ardent Nutrition Program is here for YOU!


Ardent CrossFit proudly offers personalized Nutrition Coaching and Nutrition Classes with our highly educated Nutrition Coaching staff. Based on our experience with hundreds of clients over the years, we know what it’s like work hard and try to do everything right but you just aren’t seeing the results you think you should.


Personalized Nutrition Coaching:

Our Nutrition program is meant to supplement your fitness training and cultivate your overall fitness lifestyle.

The program consist of weekly check-ins from our staff who are experts in their field. Whether you are starting from scratch, or just want to fine tune your eating habits, our team will work one-on-one with you to achieve personalized goals and set you up for success from day one.


Group Nutrition Class:

Are you lost when it comes to nutrition?
Do you want to loss or gain a few pounds?
Do you have the basics down but need accountability?
Are you a high performance athlete ready to go to the next level by dialing in your nutrition?


If you answered “YES!” to any of those questions, our group nutrition class may be for you!


This class consists of 2 meetings per month that will include a SHORT (15-30 minutes) class on a nutrition topic and then a Q&A time to ask the questions that are on your mind.


What you receive:
– Individual Macro or Zone block prescription (if desired) based off of your body composition and goals.
– Individual guidance and review of your food journal.
– Membership to an EXCLUSIVE Ardent Nutrition Facebook group where we will share recipes, ways to meal prep, instant feedback and support from other group members and coaches.
– Classes on the subjects that give you the “why” behind nutrition.
– A motivated group of like-minded individuals to help keep you on track!


Cost for Group Nutrition Class: $30/Month

Roy Hessner

Roy holds nutrition coaching certifications from both CrossFit and Precision Nutrition as a Sport and Performance Nutrition Coach. Roy has been working with nutrition clients for over 2 years and has a wide variety of experience in wide variety of needs, including weight loss, performance gains, and overall improved health. As a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer,he has years of experience and a deep understanding in how nutrition and fitness play an integral role in improving health, athletic performance, and quality of life. She works with clients using an approach that is not only effective, but also realistic and lasting.