The Ardent Team

Adam Foushee


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Marine Helicopter Pilot (Major)
Marine Corps Martial Arts (MCMAP) Instructor
1st Degree Black Belt MCMAP
Bachelor of Science – Physics
Masters of Science – Electrical Engineering

I grew up in Eastern North Carolina where I spent most of my childhood surfing and playing sports. Through high school, I played baseball, football, and ran track. After college, I joined the Marine Corps and went off to TBS where I developed distaste for running and other traditional pure cardio activities. In 2006 a friend and fellow MCMAP instructor introduced me to Crossfit. It was a perfect fit for someone with little free time, and provided me an opportunity to stay physically fit without hours of mindless running and 2 hour days in the gym doing “Globo-gym” style workouts. For years I followed the main site workouts until I finally joined my first gym in 2013. I then realized the additional benefits that having a good coach, community, and like-minded competitive athletes brings. In 2014, I moved to Monterey, CA. where I had the privilege of training with some amazing athletes. I trained with a former Olympic rower, two American open weightlifters, and several regional and games level athletes. Moving to Stafford in 2016, I found Ardent and have made it my new Crossfit home. I want to take my experience as an instructor, that I gained from the Marine Corps, and combine it with my knowledge and experience of Crossfit so that I can help build a strong and healthy community.