The Ardent Team

Gabe Beltran


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
USAW Level 1 Sports Performance / Club Coach
Pendlay Level 2 Coach
Natalie Burgener Olympic Lifting Seminar
Wilkes Weightlifting Seminar
Bachelor of Science Computer Science

I’ve participated in organized sports my entire life. In high school I was Captain of my wrestling team and I ran cross-country. Through college I continued to run and lift weights, but quickly became bored and found myself out of shape and missing something. About four years ago a close friend of mine introduced me to CrossFit and insisted I give it a shot. What I found was a community and culture that gave me a new vigor for my fitness and competitive spirit. CrossFit has changed my life by helping me to achieve a renewed balance between family, sport, and community. I am an avid student of the sport and I have found a new passion in Olympic weightlifting. I attended my Level I Certification to enhance my knowledge of CrossFit and to be able to share the great CrossFit community with others through coaching and teaching.