Child Supervision

WOD in Peace with Ardent Child Supervision

At Ardent CrossFit, we are family focused and support parents bringing their children to the box during class. We have plenty of dedicated room for them to relax while you sweat. But that doesn’t mean you want the stress of looking over your shoulder after every burpee to make sure they are behaving. In order to help our hardworking Ardent families, we are proud to offer Child Supervision during certain class times. Not only does this allow our parents to workout without distraction, this also helps us ensure the safety of all our athletes and the kids.

Child Supervision is offered during the following class times

Monday: 0930, 1030, 1145, 1630 & 1730

Tuesday: 0930, 1145 & 1630

Wednesday: 0930, 1030, 1145, 1630 & 1730

Thursday: 0930, 1145 & 1630

Friday: 0930, 1030, 1145 & 1630

Saturday: 0900, 1000, 1100

When you arrive, be sure to sign the check in sheet in our kids area. You will also be responsible for checking your child out promptly following the workout. No food is permitted in the kid’s area so please make sure your kids are fed before you arrive! Clear liquids in spill proof containers and bottles are permitted.The service is free of charge to all members of Ardent CrossFit. We do ask your help in maintaining the kid’s area so please ensure all toys are put in their place, garbage is thrown away and the area is neat/tidy.