Kristen Foushee  September 24, 2018

CrossFit Kids Coach


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Kids

Precision Nutrition Level 1

My fitness journey wasn’t an easy one.  I struggled with a healthy lifestyle from an early age so working out was never a positive thing.  On the road to finding a healthy lifestyle, I was exposed to many things.  I did it all:  kick boxing classes, spin, bootcamps, yoga, running, pilates, p90x, belly dancing videos (really!), but nothing seemed to stick.  One day, I overheard two ladies talking about the paleo diet.  In 2009, I started a paleo food blog and became fascinated with nutrition.  Shortly after that I followed my husband into CrossFit.  It was love at first… clean and jerk? In 2014, I was exposed to my first CrossFit Kids class and became determined to help kids like myself find the love for fitness and nutrition. My main goal is to be a better person each and every day while helping others achieve the same through fitness and positivity.