The Ardent Team

Tina Moser

Coach / Phoenix Fit Coach

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
Youth Soccer Coach

Throughout my life, I embraced my competitive nature through soccer. I played on travel teams, high school, in college and for a semi-professional team in California before family brought me home to Stafford, VA. After being blessed with 2 babies, I knew I needed to fill that competitive void and get off of my daily running plateau. Ardent CrossFit was right down the street and offered free childcare – enough said, ill give it a shot. From there, like everyone else, I was hooked. I wanted to get better and better, every workout I strived to be the best, even when I was nowhere near there. I continued CrossFit throughout my third pregnancy and completed my Level 1 certification course. I had coached soccer for about 6 years at this point and knew that it was something I loved, there are few things more rewarding in life than helping others simply by sharing your passions. It is an amazing sight to watch determination, dedicated training, and shear heart push people past their limits. I think thats what we all love about CrossFit and what coaching others allows us to harness and help people achieve. You never know what you are capable of and I look forward to helping you get there!