Phoenix Fit

What is Phoenix Fit?

Our Phoenix Fit program is specifically designed for those that want to achieve the amazing benefits CrossFit has to offer without the complexity of higher level gymnastics and olympic weightlifting exercises. Phoenix Fit incorporates dynamic and explosive movements in a boot camp style, high-intensity, cardiovascular focused class setting.

This is the perfect class for beginners to CrossFit, for anyone that is intimidated by the more complex aspects of our typical workouts and for anyone interested in longer, cardiovascular based training sessions. Our high-intensity and high-energy Phoenix Fit classes are designed to be fun, supportive and safe for anyone, no experience required.

What should you expect from Phoenix Fit?

  • Core strength, a tighter back side and weight loss
  • Function that will apply to sport and every day life
  • Accountability of goals for maximum results
  • Increase in strength and cardiovascular endurance
  • Increase in coordination and agility
  • Safe and fun boot camp style workouts
  • Non-intimidating environment
  • Friendly, supportive community

Class Times

Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 10:30am

Monday – Friday at 6:30pm