Athlete Spotlight ~ Aislin West

Ryan Fulwider | wod | July 16, 2020| 0 Comments
Meet Aislin! She is a 19 year old Mechanical Engineering student at Old Dominion University. She’s been at Ardent for about 4 years. She loves workouts that don’t include running! Her favorite movements are squats and cleans. You can find her in just about any of the classes because her schedule is a little crazy right now. Say hi next time you are at Ardent and in a class with Aislin!

1. Why did you join Ardent? I joined because my friend Becca invited me! She is also an adaptive athlete and told me how awesome and encouraging ardent is!

2. What’s been your biggest accomplishment? I think my biggest accomplishment is any movement that is getting a handstand! It took a lot of open gym classes and asking people for ideas before I figured it out. Coach Niki was super encouraging and helped me test out ideas!

3. What are you working on now?  I’m currently working on building up pull-up strength! I think it would be really cool to get a pull-up after doctors told me I would never be able to move my arm!

4. What’s your favorite Ardent memory?  It’s really hard to choose a favorite! One of them is finally being able to deadlift thanks to Coach Sean! He built me a deadlift harness so that I could deadlift without putting strain on my arm!

5. What motivates you to continue at Ardent?  The people definitely motivate me! All the coaches and members have been nothing but uplifting! I love the Ardent community!

6. What would you tell your pre-Ardent self about starting CrossFit if you could go back in time? I would tell pre ardent Aislin to not be nervous to try new things! I was anxious at first but now I’m willing to try just about anything!

7. What are your favorite hobbies outside of CrossFit? Outside of CrossFit, I really love to read! I love reading anything by Ray Bradbury or Philip K. Dick!