Athlete Spotlight ~ Bella Stusse

Ryan Fulwider | wod | January 20, 2021| 0 Comments

Meet one of our awesome teen athletes, Bella! Bella joined Ardent in 2019. Bella is currently a high school senior at Mountain View High School. She is usually a regular to the 5:30 class. Her favorite movements are cleans and rowing. Outside of the gym and school, she enjoys coaching, hiking and hanging out with friends. If you see Bella around the gym, make sure and say hi!

1. Why did you join Ardent? I joined Ardent because I needed to get ready for the swim season. My mom recommended I checkout crossfit.

2. What’s been your biggest accomplishment? I think my biggest accomplishment has been doing the Flex on the Pep competition. Before, I definitely did not have the skill set or confidence to do something like that.

3. What are you working on now? I’m trying to work on gymnastics moves like handstand push ups and toes to bar.

4. What’s your favorite Ardent memory? I think my favorite Ardent memory was getting a new PR for the snatch and having the coach congratulate me. I felt like I had accomplished something good.

5. What motivates you to continue at Ardent? Seeing the progress I have made is a big motivator for me; I want to continue that work.  I’m also super motivated by the coaches. They have all been so encouraging.

6. As a Teen Athlete, how do you approach every work? Honestly I just think it’s only 1 hr of work and when I go home, I can eat and sleep.

7. What would you tell your pre-Ardent self about starting CrossFit if you could go back in time? I would tell myself to stop being so nervous that I would be judged. I spent too much time worrying that people cared about how fast or strong I was and not actually focusing on my work.

8. What are your favorite hobbies outside of CrossFit? I like to play frisbee, coach softball, play the cello and read.