Coach Spotlight – Daniel Lewis

Ryan Fulwider | wod | June 24, 2020| 0 Comments

Meet Coach Daniel! Coach Daniel is an analyst who is in the US Air Force.  He is married to Ardent member Kristen, has little Kinsley (1) and baby boy Leland on the way. Coach Daniel is currently attending Penn State studying Economics. His favorite crossfit movements are Snatching and the C&J.  When Coach Daniel isn’t working out or coaching at Ardent,  he is at work or hanging out with his family.


How long have you been coaching Crossfit? I have been doing Crossfit for 3 years this month and coaching a little over a year.

Why did you become a coach? I felt I could help others be better. I experienced how crossfit impacted my life and want to pass that on.

Favorite crossfit movement? The Snatch and the Clean and Jerk

Favorite Crossfit movement to coach? The Snatch

What has been your favorite coaching moment? Anytime I see that little light go off over someone’s head when they figure it a movement.

What is your advice to new CrossFitters? Two pieces of advice for those new to crossfit: 1. Ignore everyone working out around you and compete against yourself to get better. 2. You will get better, but don’t be satisfied. Keep pushing even when progress seems out of reach.

What’s your favorite Ardent memory?  I will never forget participating in my first open.  The energy  with everyone cheering and pushing everyone else to do their best was amazing.

What’s been your biggest Crossfit accomplishment? Biggest accomplishments would be competing in crossfit and oly events.

What are your favorite hobbies outside of CrossFit? I enjoy playing drums and spending time with my family.