Coach Spotlight ~ Kami Monroe

Ryan Fulwider | wod | October 1, 2020| 0 Comments

Meet Coach Kami! Coach Kami is about to finish her bachelors degree in Elementary Education. She was a gymnast for almost 10 years before becoming a CrossFitter. Kami is a newlywed and met her new husband Cole at Ardent. She and Cole got married a little over 5 months ago. Cole is joining the Army, so Kami is about to begin her journey as an Army wife. She is excited to begin this new adventure with her new husband and dog baby, Zuko. Next time you are at the gym, say hi to Coach Kami.

How long have to been coaching CrossFit?
I started coaching CrossFit at Ardent, and I was officially an Ardent coach on July 27th, 2018. So, just over 2 years!

Why did you become a coach?
I became a gymnastics and dance coach/teacher when I was 15 just because that’s what all the upper-level gymnasts and dancers did when they reached that age. So, I just joined the group and started coaching. I stopped coaching gymnastics/dance at 19 mainly because I wanted a break from the gymnastics and dance studio drama.

When I joined Ardent, I had already begun my “coaching break” and I hadn’t coached in a few months. 3 months after I became an Ardent member, Kasey asked me to take the “Ardent Coach Prep Program” they were offering for members who were interested in being a coach. But, in new environments, I’m pretty shy, so the idea of coaching a bunch of people I hardly knew (who are adults… I’d only ever coached kids) freaked me out!

One of the requirements to get into the class was to have been an Ardent member for at least 4 months. So, my response to Kasey was, “I can’t. I haven’t been a member long enough” hoping she would drop it. She didn’t. She said that it was fine and they would let me take the class anyway.  I still didn’t apply for the class. A week or so later Kasey asked me to take it again. I told her maybe (thinking to myself “no”). She brought it up a couple more times.  I just kept saying “maybe” and then not applying. Then, the day before the application for the class was due, she reached out to me again over FaceBook. I got brave decided to just do it.

I was scared going into the class because I hardly knew anyone who was in it or who I’d be coaching but by the end of the few week-long class, I really wanted to coach at Ardent! I became an official coach just a few months later! Now, I absolutely LOVE coaching and I’m so happy Kasey kept reaching out to me.  I especially love coaching the kids!!

How long have you been doing Crossfit?
Just over 4 years. I wanted to start earlier, but I started right when I turned 18 because I didn’t have to have to get a parent to come with me to sign the permission form.

Favorite CrossFit movement?
Anything gymnastics that doesn’t involve the rings. Handstand push-ups, handstand walks, pull-ups, bar muscle-ups, rope climbs, toes-to-bar, and pistols. I also love power snatches.

Favorite Crossfit movement to coach?
Probably handstands, muscle-ups (ring and bar), and kipping swings.

What has been your favorite coaching moment?
The kids and teens! Just them in general! But, to be more specific, any time I can get one of the kids to really enjoy a hard workout. I love watching them all learn body awareness. I love seeing the growth in them as and learn to love moving (even though it’s not always super fun mid-workout). I love the kid’s community and friendships that are built as they cheer on their classmates. I love seeing the joy in their sweaty faces when they get a new skill or crush a workout. I love watching their confidence grow as they believe in themselves more. I love it all! I’m so happy these young members of our community are learning that fitness can be fun!! I hope they all continue this journey as they grow up!

What is your advice to new CrossFitters:
Stick with it for at least 3 months! In the beginning, the whiteboard, movements, and environment can be a little overwhelming (it was for me) but, if you stick with it for those three months, it becomes so fun and the community can be so uplifting!! I’m so happy I stuck with it!!

What’s your favorite Ardent memory?
I have so many great memories, but getting to meet Cole, my husband, is probably my favorite. We had briefly talked at Ardent once or twice before we really got to know each other. Cole has been going to Ardent for many years, but he was at college when I became a member. Everyone knew him, but I didn’t.  At one Friday Night Lights for the CrossFit Open, Matt called me over to judge Cole on the workout. Apparently, as I was walking over he looked at Cole and said “you’re welcome.” After that, Cole and I talked to each other at the gym for the rest of the night. That is the real moment that Cole and I became friends. Because of Ardent, I met my best friend and husband. 🧡

What’s been your biggest Crossfit accomplishment?
Probably beating the unbeatable Kasey at the 2017 Fredericksburg Sectionals competition. I haven’t done it since…she was 5 months postpartum…it was a lot of gymnastics…but I still beat her!

What are your favorite hobbies outside of CrossFit?
Rock climbing, paddle boarding, hiking, playing with my doggo, binge watching TV, listening to books, and food!