Friday, November 3, 2017

“Regularly learn and play new sports”

– Greg Glassman

About a year ago I was attending Olympic Lifting class and Gabe was coaching as was usual. He casually mentioned to a group of us that we should think about doing an Olympic Lifting competition. I proceeded to laugh out loud at the thought. I had spent the previous year and a half at Ardent trying to learn to properly snatch and clean and jerk and I certainly didn’t think I was strong enough, proficient enough or brave enough to do those lifts on a platform – alone – and under a judge’s scrutiny. He pestered me for the next few weeks and broke me down. I joined USAW and registered for a meet.

A year and a few months later I have competed in four meets and have found another sport to add to my ever growing list of loves. That list is long for me as I have always enjoyed the “sport of sport” as I used to say. Crossfit gave me back my health and fitness after life and some unfortunate events led me down the path to being a middle aged, deconditioned, stressed and overweight Mom of two. I was raising two athletes who loved their sport but I had lost my love for sport.

After a few years of Crossfit I began to enjoy the occasional Crossfit competition but I missed the fun of training for a sport or event. The sport of weightlifting is mentally and physically challenging and it has given me another purpose for my fitness I.e – a new sport!! I’m not the strongest or most mobile but for my age and my weight class I can compete and have a blast with some great ladies.

Crossfit is a fantastic tool to get fit, reduce stress and stay sane. It will probably save your life without you even knowing it. So go have some fun with your fitness. Play an old sport or try a new one. You may surprise yourself and become stronger, faster and harder to kill while you’re having a blast. Let your coaches know what you’re up to. There’s probably other members who play or might want to play your sport!

-Coach Jen



Followed By:

5 rounds for time of:
21 Air Squats
15/10 Calorie Row
9 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)